Valuing Your Non-Qualified Stock Options

  Valuing your non-qualified stock options is vital to formulating a proper equity compensation strategy. Understanding the components of stock option valuation can help you determine when and how to exercise and sell your stock options.  While incorporating equity compensation into a holistic financial plan can, and often does, call for an approach that might […]

What’s Your Number?

    One of the most common questions I get is “When can I retire?”. I’ve come to realize that by “retirement” most individuals and families are referring to financial independence, where they have saved enough to choose what they are working on and when. Coming up with this number is the core of financial […]

Finding Balance While Planning for the Future

  Finding balance while planning for the future, whether that be retirement or shorter term goals, is a conversation I frequently have with individuals of all ages. For mid-career professionals it often means striking a balance between living an exciting, purpose filled life while simultaneously taking necessary steps to prepare for life in retirement. For […]

Cash Flow Planning for High Earning Professionals

    Everyone’s financial journey, especially as they approach mid-career, is intertwined with major life milestones and a slew of transitions. While everyone’s situations, goals and values are certainly unique, there are a few that drive many of the conversations I have with early and mid career high earning professionals.   Once you reach a […]

Financial Planning for Sales Professionals

    Financial planning for sales professionals takes more creativity and flexibility than for individuals or families that receive a set income. Sales professionals have the added complexity and stress of managing both your sales goals and fluctuating personal financial situations. Finding time to deal with personal finances in the midst of prospecting, closing deals, […]