Long Term Investment Decisions as a Mid-Career Professional

          Early and mid-career professionals display a unique set of characteristics and circumstances that should be the primary drivers behind determining their savings and investment plan. Understanding where you are in terms of your life cycle, career cycle and total capital can help you put together the framework necessary to determine […]

What’s Your Number?

    One of the most common questions I get is “When can I retire?”. I’ve come to realize that by “retirement” most individuals and families are referring to financial independence, where they have saved enough to choose what they are working on and when. Coming up with this number is the core of financial […]

Finding Balance While Planning for the Future

  Finding balance while planning for the future, whether that be retirement or shorter term goals, is a conversation I frequently have with individuals of all ages. For mid-career professionals it often means striking a balance between living an exciting, purpose filled life while simultaneously taking necessary steps to prepare for life in retirement. For […]

Why Financial Planning is More than “Saving For Retirement”

      Saving more for retirement is good advice, but financial planning for early to mid career professionals goes way beyond that. When most people hear “financial planner” or “financial advisor” retirement planning immediately comes to mind and for good reason. The industry has largely focused on pre-retirees and retirees because of the “Assets […]

Understanding the Capital Gains Tax

    Capital Gains Tax: The Inner Workings   Most investors are aware of or have dealt with the capital gains tax, but lack a firm understanding of how they impact your overall taxes. For starters, long term capital gains are tiered and fall into one of three brackets:   0%  15%  20%    In […]

Traditional vs. Roth 401(k) – Optimizing Retirement Account Contributions

      The 401(k) is one of the most frequently offered and utilized employee benefits. You’ve no doubt heard the term and have contributed or thought about contributing to your employer sponsored 401(k) plan. There has been a shift from defined benefit plans and pensions offered by employers, to defined contribution plans (such as […]