Simplifying your wealth

The Simplifying Your Wealth process is designed to reduce the complexity of personal finances, bring clarity around your financial path and create a plan that you understand and will actually stick to.

Whether it’s forming an exit strategy for your equity compensation or preparing for retirement, our goals based planning process creates a roadmap to guide you on your journey to financial freedom. 

With ongoing financial planning, we are able to keep you accountable as well as react and adjust to your changing life circumstances.

Our tech forward approach helps both sides stay on top of important tasks and goals, while providing a secure online portal to store and view your most important financial documents.

Creating The Foundation

We’ll put together a complete picture of your current financial situation and evaluate changes and alternative courses of action to help you achieve your goals. We’ll also discuss your strengths, the opportunities available and any potential challenges.


Creating Your Vision

A meeting designed to prioritize your thoughts, goals and ideas to determine what is most important to you. We’ll assign a priority ranking to each and determine a realistic timeline for achieving each goal.


Creating Your Strategy

We’ll discuss the strategies available to you, the probabilities of success and come to a collaborative decision on your path forward. Our strategies will take your complex situation and create systems focused on simplicity to help you stick to the plan.


Implementation, Montioring and Iterating

We provide ongoing guidance, accountability and progress updates to keep you on track. Your life will undoubtedly evolve and your financial plan should too.


Ongoing Financial Planning

Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management includes quarterly meetings as well as access through phone, email, zoom or in person as questions arise or circumstances change.

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