Investment Management

Your financial planning, investments and tax situation are all intertwined. Working with us in all three areas allows us to create a strategic approach to investment management that optimizes the chances of you reaching your goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that markets are more efficient than ever before. Beating the market is highly unlikely, as well as costly. Our aim is to capture market returns through low cost, passive mutual funds and ETFs.

Young professionals have decades of time ahead of them to reap the rewards of compounding returns. They key is a consistent, patient, cost effective approach centered around your goals and lifestyle values.

For those nearing retirement, an asset allocation that aligns with your risk tolerance, timeframe and spending needs during retirement is constructed.

Taxes matter. Utilization of tax advantaged accounts and investments are used where possible.

Long Term Outlook

The asset classes and geographic regions you’re invested in are responsible for most of the risk and returns of your portfolio over an extended period of time. 

Our focus is on constructing a strategic asset allocation centered around the long term performance and risk necessary to reach your unique goals. 

Overcoming Human Behavior 

 People tend to engage in self destructive behavior, especially when markets are volatile. 

We are there for you when times get tough, and will help you maintain a disciplined and objective approach even when things look bleak.